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Jay Haussman

What people are saying...

Judith R

He’s after results and not

playing around… I would 

100% recommend him…

Judith R.


Roy Y

After one call with Jay I had 

my entire program mapped 

out and knew exactly

what I needed to do…

Roy Y.


Andy C.

Having someone there who’s

an expert in marketing and 

business gave me the clarity 

I needed moving forward…

Andy C.


Cari K

He’s handsome and looks after our cats… 

Cari K.


Michelle O

I have heaps of confidence

now and know exactly what 

direction I should be going

with my business…

Michells O.


Jason P

I’ve already implemented

two of things Jay suggested 

on our first call and am seeing

great results… He’s someone 

I’d highly recommend.

Jason P.