Jay - Flippa Interview

The Trap of “Early Game” Entrepreneurship

I was recently interviewed about entrepreneurship and online business by the broker that helped sell my last education company.

If you're just starting out - we discuss the main things to look out for and the "trap" most early entrepreneurs find themselves in.

From the interviewer:

In this episode of Humans of Flippa we're joined by Jay Haussman, a former tattoo artist from Hawaii who recently sold his tattoo based education website for over $100,000 on Flippa.

He is a great example of the axiom "do what you love, and the money will come".

Trying to make money both from his art and using what he learned in business school, he began searching Flippa for a website that would be appropriate for his talents and passions.

Nearly ready to give up in his search, he stumbled upon a tattoo based website that was prime for updates - a perfect market fit.

After several years of running that website as a side hustle, Jay decided to sell his website on Flippa, ultimately finding a buyer just like himself, a trained tattoo artist who was excited to start their journey into online business. He actually left a few dollars on the table, choosing to make a deal with this up and coming entrepreneur who reminded Jay of himself.

Passion goes a long way when it comes to making money online with a successful content site.

This is a great example and Jay is wise beyond his years when it comes to advice for the rest of us in our entrepreneurial journey.

Have you found yourself in some of these common early stage traps?

What other advice would you share with a younger version of yourself?

Simply reply to this email or dm me on facebook - I'd love to know =)



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