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The Positive Side of Negative Events

Ever have something "negative" happen that turns out to be the best thing for you?

In 2008 I was doing really well in the Navy. I really thought I'd retire from the military.

I made E5 in 3 short years, was working on my degree, and was about to re-enlist to start pushing for officer candidate school.

I'll save you the full story in case you've already heard it, but just as my next duty station came up I found myself medically separated and for the next few years completely lost.

Jay Navy

For the rest of my 20's I was still having occasional seizures/loss of consciousness and couldn't get a "real" job even if I wanted one so fell into this path of self-discovery and entrepreneurship.

I've never been more grateful for those "negative" events...

Had these years not happened I wouldn't have had to face a lot of the "darkness" that we all try to bury. If you think you won't be around long anyway you're not afraid to invest every cent you have and take risks that you'd otherwise avoid lol.

On this journey so far, I've already been through a decade of "academia" and been able to travel the world learning from the greatest teachers/masters/gurus/healers/shamans and of course the odd charlatan... we always learn, even if it's what NOT to do.

Every client that I work with now goes through what's called the Purpose and Fear Process that this path has allowed me to build.

It's a tool and training specifically designed to extract your true calling while helping you build an inspired business while also dragging your fears into the light so we can collapse and release them.

If you feel like someone/thing is holding you back from what you're trying to do it likely has something to do with one of these two elements. Purpose and/or Fear.

If you'd like to see what that looks like for you book a time to chat at the link below, I'd love to take you through it.



PS. This work is HARD!

As my clients who have already been through it will tell you, if you're doing it right it will be deeply uncomfortable. Your ego wants to play it safe and would prefer to bury your fears and pretend like they don't exist.

However if not properly addressed you'll end up self-sabotaging yourself and your online business to stay in the "comfort zone" of mediocrity. Also known as the "fear of success".

Only reach out if you're willing to address the things that come up and play full out. I promise it's worth it. =)


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