Digital Business Mastery

The Blueprint for Online Business

“Is there really a “blueprint” for online business?”

“How do I know it will work for MY business?”

“There are so many consultants and programs out there… how are yours any different?”

These are a few questions I get daily from online entrepreneurs looking to grow their online businesses.

To answer these, I put together a list of frequently asked questions to help you understand more about how Digital Business Mastery works so you can see, at a glance, how it might apply to your business.

If I missed your question or it isn’t listed simply send me a message below and I’ll make sure to get to it.

Alright, let’s dive in:

Q: What is Digital Business Mastery?

Proven systems and frameworks that help coaches, consultants and course creators automate much of their business so they can get back to their specific genius (improving and delivering their unique skill set)!

In short, it helps anyone who sells information or services increase their revenue while decreasing the hours they need to be dumping into their business. 

I’ve boiled everything any successful business needs down into a simple 9-step framework so you can simply complete the modules, step by step, and show up for our live calls to ask any questions if you get stuck along the way.

Digital Business Mastery

No more having to buy all these different courses and trying to piece them together into a plan that “might” work.

Just follow this system that includes everything your business will ever need: marketing automation, sales systems and processes, ideal client acquisition and nurturing, call booking, email marketing, you get the point…

It’s the one COMPLETE system to help you grow your business.

Q: Who are you?

I’m Jay Haussman, founder of The Coaches Freedom Formula and Digital Business Mastery.

This idea started when I was an engineer in the Navy studying systems thinking. 

At that time I was into the traveling sailor life and fell into the tattoo industry while hitting tattoo shops in ports all around the world. 

This led to me leaving the military and helping start and scale several tattoo shops here in Hawaii (where I still live).

I took the lessons learned from systems design and leadership in the military and starting applying them to these tattoo studios (increasing revenue and efficiency in processes), which led me to launching the world's first online tattoo education platform called Tattooing 101.

Around this time I finished an art degree and enrolled in business school, graduating with a business degree in marketing. 

It seems trendy to hate on academic education in the entrepreneurship world but I had a great time, and through this program was able to land consulting projects for some international corporations as well as other online businesses before getting picked up and winning a startup accelerator.

I started getting questions from other consultants about how I was able to juggle so many different things (efficiencies and systems) and always seemed to be traveling (increased revenue and free time).

So, I started trying to condense everything I’d learned over the last decade or so into one easy to follow roadmap. 

  • Lessons from studying systems and leadership in the Navy
  • Notes from my founder and VC mentors in the startup and business school world
  • Designing my own first in class information and coaching products
What came out of all this was of course the first version of “Digital Business Mastery”.

Q: Why did you create this platform?

Great question!

When I first started my journey of entrepreneurship there was no step by step process. It’s as if every entrepreneur is just figuring it out as they go along.

This is the opposite of anything else we do in life…

Take high school for example:

  • 4 year program
  • Take these classes year 1
  • These classes year 2
  • Then if you're lucky... graduation.
College, same thing. Military, same thing. Getting life coach certification (if that’s you), same thing…

But when it came to starting or scaling an online business I had to wade through all the junk out there (you know the courses and “gurus” I’m talking about) to find the tiny morsel of information that actually worked and was easy to follow along. 

I then had to duct tape all these tiny nuggets of info together into one cohesive game plan and test, test, and retest until I had something that was durable and actually worked!

Digital Business Mastery is the result of that decade of trial and error across many different industries. 

It’s not just “another course” or “another coaching package”. 

It’s your step by step blueprint to scaling your information based business, and the accountability you need to see it through.

Q: How do I know if this will work for me?

This program is ideal for anyone who has expert knowledge/skills or already sells information or services (coach, consultant, course creator), has an existing business, and is willing to charge $3,000 or more (this just makes your marketing way easier… more on that later).

On our Revenue Roadmap, you’d be at level 2 or level 3 - that’s the “Paid Professional” or “Independent Owner” level.

The Revenue Roadmap

If you’re not yet at this level, no worries, simply send me a message at the link below and we can point you in the right direction.

If you ARE in level 2 or 3, and want to get to the next step:

Click here to see how Digital Business Mastery can help you get there in a hurry.

Q: How is this different from other things I have tried?

I’ve been through it all…

Flying to Bali to learn from some “super influencers”, going to LA to attend “mega masterminds”, hiring overseas (and over-priced) “positivity” coaches, buying every course, seminar, and “last chance gone forever” offer that came through my bursting email inbox…

It’s 90% crap...

There are a few nuggets to be found, certainly, but what I found is that most are more excited about selling the dream and haven’t really built anything or done anything themselves.

Digital Business Mastery is the one stop shop. 

It’s your: 

  • Marketing
  • Email
  • Sales
  • Asset creation
  • Branding get the point. It’s everything!

These processes have been tested in many different markets (they work) and just in case you’re from some super obscure niche, or if something changes before we can create new training, or if you're simply feeling lost or overwhelmed… we have live consulting throughout the week to get you unstuck.

It’s coaching, consulting, and step by step frameworks for everything your business will ever need to grow, all while freeing up more of your time.

If there was an ivy league business school degree for growing your online business in a hurry, this would be it.

Q: How does the process work?

The first step is to reserve a 1:1 strategy session.

Once your call is booked, you'll be directed to complete your “pre-call homework", to help provide us both with a powerful snapshot of your business. 

Doing this keeps most of the “riff raff” from clogging our schedule, and allows you, our serious client, to get the most value possible from our time together.

During the call, I'll review your business and help you get clear on the steps you should be taking to launch and scale your online business. 

We'll also decide if working with us would be the most profitable and effective way to reach your revenue goals.

Q: How much would I have to pay to work with you?

Your first strategy session is free, and this is for two reasons:

  1. As mentioned earlier, there’s so much noise (crap) out there with “coaches” blowing their coffee shop paycheck on renting lambo’s and photoshoots to convince you they’re successful (lol ok that was the last energy wasted on these guys)...  
That the best way to show you this is real and can work for you is to have a quick call, and for me to provide immense value on that call.
  1. We know that a certain percentage of people we talk to will want us to help them implement the systems we give you on the call, and the rest still walk away with a clearer vision of their business as well as the exact steps they need to be taking.
It’s a win/win for both of us.

Q: What's the next step?

If you are:

  • An established business already earning a minimum of $5K per month
  • You have a service or idea you can charge $3K or more for (or want to create one!)
  • You are stuck and actively seeking support right now for your business
  • You don’t sell MLM, affiliate offers, or physical products (these are slightly different and not our focus)

I look forward to speaking with you, 

- Jay

P.S. - We know exactly who we can help, please only book if you meet the criteria listed above.

Secondly, do not book unless you are 100% committed to showing up and doing what it takes to meet your goals.


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