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The “3D Efficiency” Framework Tool

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I've seen a lot of comments lately in the group about overwhelm and burnout from trying to do too much, so I thought I'd pass along...

The “3D Efficiency” Framework Tool

JH - 3D Efficiency

This thing seems so simple but it's been a complete game changer...

If you feel like your brain has 30 open tabs at the moment do yourself a favor and set aside 5 minutes to offload everything into this framework.

This is one of the fancy tools that I give me inner circle members in The Coaches Freedom Formula, but you can make something similar with just a sheet of paper (that's what I did for years before spending way too much time making this digital version lol).
On your list, simply list out everything that's been taking up space in your mind.

Things like:

- Taking the car in for an oil change
- Installing a chatbot
- Rebuilding your website
- Finally writing that blog post/book you've been planning for 6 months...

Now take your master list put it through the 3D Filter in order as follows.

1. DELETE - 80% of what most business owners are doing is a waste of time. Stop doing it and put that energy into the 20% that is actually generating revenue and growing your business.

Do you really need to work on a podcast (that no one is going to hear) if you're just starting out, or does the youtube channel (that no one is watching) already have you covered there?

*Lol - a little harsh here as I'm talking to my past self who wasted too much time on these and other shiny objects in the early days.

2. DELEGATE - This doesn't have to be employees or teams. In the early days, it definitely shouldn't be humans.

Many repetitive tasks can be done through apps/software/systems/machine learning already and more are coming online every day.

3. DO - Then and ONLY then do we actually do the project/task if it's made it through the first two filters and still needs to be done to generate revenue/keep the business going.

Now the question is, are the things that are left on your list actually going to get you closer to you goal today? This week? This year?

Do you know step by step what you should be doing next to grow your business?

If not, and you want to shave years off the learning curve of figuring it out yourself, click here to get the step by step online business blueprint.


- I have tons of little tools like this that I've created over the years. Send me a message below and let me know what you're most struggling with at the moment - I might have a tool to get you through it!


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