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Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

Let's talk teams!

For some reason, a lot of entrepreneurs love to flex "team size" as if it were a worth (or something else lol) measuring contest.

I just came across a post in another group - "My team is at 45 people now and we're looking to grow!"

For what? Your business has one funnel and one product, what is everyone doing all 

In my last business we managed to have more than 3,000 students across the planet and when it came time to sell the #1 question was:

Will we get your team in the sale as well?

My team was me, a few software programs, and my partner Cari here who would occasionally proofread an article.

That's it...

We still managed to travel more or less full time (another Japan trip in this picture) thanks to my "Triple D Filter".
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Cari and Jay Train

I'll do a video on this topic soon in our free Facebook community, but here are the three D's in a nutshell:

1. DELETE - 80% of what most business owners are doing is a waste of time.

Stop doing it and put more energy into the 20% that is actually generating revenue.

2. DELEGATE - This doesn't have to be employees or teams.

Many repetitive tasks can be done through apps/software/systems/machine learning in 2021 and more are coming online every day.

3. DO - Then and ONLY then do we actually do the project/task if it's made it through the first two filters and still needs to be done.

With that said, moving forward I'll be doing more live and 1:1 work so you'll be seeing a fair bit of my lady Cari in the calls/groups and handling support - I couldn't do it without her...

What about you?
Who is essential to your team?


PS - As the saying goes "sometimes you can't read the label from inside the jar".

If you'd like me or someone from my team to take a quick look at your business and see what we can cut to free up more of your time and revenue for growth there's always two options available for you:

1. Send me a DM and I'll take a look

Or - If you'd rather have us help you build out these systems in your business specifically...

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