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Caution – Shiny Object Inside

Shiny Objects!

The secret is... there's no "ONE Magic Bullet".

Many marketers will have you believe you can implement their one (chatbot / ad / networking) strategy over the weekend then put your feet up and wait for the money to roll in...

In reality, there are three pieces to your business "machine":

1. Attraction - How you find and get the attention of your potential customer in the sea of noise out there. This is the art of turning strangers into interested prospects.

2. Conversion - Turning these interested prospects into paying customers. This includes delivering value in advance and aging/ascending the relationship so they know/like/trust you enough to become a client.

3. Delivery - How you deliver on the promise made in your offer.

Ads, automation, outreach, LMS, etc are simply mechanisms/vehicles that can help you accelerate your existing offer and message.

If you're accelerating a broken offer, are missing pieces of a complete system, or you can't deliver on the promise it makes, then you don't need more gas - you need to revisit the fundamentals and prove a cohesive offer/model first.

What shiny object have you fallen for in the past?

For me, unfortunately, I can say I've been through them all... 😅

If you're tired of falling for shiny objects and just want a simple, step by step blueprint on how to start and scale your online business, then click here for the roadmap and delete the rest of the noise clogging up your inbox =)


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