Who is Jay Haussman?

I know there are a lot of “business coaches” out there whose first business is… “teaching” business… so let me give you 2 minutes of my background, why it matters for you, and specifically how this all comes together to teach you how to grow YOUR business beyond the 6 figure mark in record time.

The thinking behind most of my programs started back when I was a mechanical engineer in the Navy.

If I can set the scene – picture a bunch of 18 years olds who are now suddenly in charge of operating roughly half a billion dollars worth of advanced systems on a warship.

Turbine engines, cooling and refrigeration systems, potable water. I mean not only is it expensive but if someone makes a mistake, we could be without power, water, electricity, or the ability to defend ourselves in some pretty dangerous places. There’s not a huge margin for error here…

Systems Thinking in Action

So what the Navy so intelligently designed are these manuals known as “EOSS”, which stands for:

Engineering Operational Sequencing System

These frameworks will guide literally ANYONE (including clueless 18 year old kids) step by step through every naval operation imaginable.

As long as you’re following these proven systems, you really can’t go wrong…

Think of it like a simple recipe or Lego manual:

  • Introduction: “Here’s what we’re doing and why”.
  • Step One: “Do this” > image or illustration
  • Step Two: “Do this” > flowchart or example

Until at the end you have a complete project or operation, and the ability to replicate the success.

"EOSS" in action

Modern "recipes"

This was the first major mental model I developed, and something I still use to this day…

Any time I’m consulting for clients or other businesses, I still break things down into simple steps with diagrams and blueprints, that way no matter who you are you can implement the steps and get results.

Why this matters to you…

This is the fundamental thinking behind all of my frameworks, what I’d call my version of EOSS:

Entrepreneurs Operational Sequencing Systems”

Whether it’s the… revenue roadmap, digital business mastery blueprint, the Coach’s Freedom Formula, or the dozens of others that are inside these programs themselves…

Each of these systems are built on this same proven model of condensed, step-by-step action, so they can easily help anyone get results in record time.

"EOSS" in action

Modern "recipes"

"EOSS" in action

In the Navy, I had already started attempting online business and developing these early frameworks...

I had a coffee company, was drop shipping, dabbling in real estate, and had even started doing some agency work… all with mixed results to be honest.

So I finally realized I didn’t know what I didn’t know and finally enrolled in business school.

Now I know it’s cool for entrepreneurs to hate on formal education, but by completing my marketing degree I was able to start consulting for all kinds of businesses - from local mom and pop shops to massive international corporations through the University.

By far the biggest benefit was leveraging mentor relationships with guys like Peter.

He’s the brains behind Coinstar and Redbox - helping them grow their revenue from $150,000,000 to nearly $1,300,000,000 while he was there!

He really drilled me on the "lean startup methodology" and showed me how to bootstrap a company from the ground up.

With him and a few local Venture Capitalist Investors as my mentors and professors, we went on to WIN what is essentially Hawaii’s shark tank for entrepreneurship.

Now we’ve covered systems thinking, and the lean startup methodology.

Two components of getting YOUR business launched quickly with little to no money out of pocket.

After university, I was doing a lot of marketing and agency work but felt like there were still some pieces of the puzzle missing…

So instead of going for an MBA I spent another 6 figures traveling the world learning from the best "gurus" and internet marketers on the planet.

I attended every seminar, course, program, mastermind, you name it, I was there.

I took what I learned in University, the startup world with Peter, and of course everything from the internet marketing space and launched the world’s first complete online tattoo education platform.

You could see the simple step-by-step frameworks and instruction already taking shape in this business as well >>>

This platform enabled me to reach 1,000's of students all across the world as the sole person operating the business, all with no advertising…

This was, thanks again, to systems thinking, simplification, and automation of the operations so I only really had to check on it once or twice a week to make sure nothing was broken…

These systems and automations allowed me to travel all around the world and literally work from anywhere.

(Queue the cheesy car and guru pic...)

This is just one of our past trips where we spent a few weeks racing across Japan in one of my dream cars while the business continued to run in the background on autopilot.

At this point, I started getting messages from people asking me how I was able to travel full time and still generate income. So only THEN did I start offering 1:1 coaching and consulting… 

The more more entrepreneurs I worked with on the consulting side, the more excited I became about the industry.

So in late 2020 I decided to sell Tattooing 101 focus 100% on consulting - helping others start and scale their own online businesses.

I've had a few side projects, like our marketing software growthworks.io - but it always comes back to the same "game":

Helping others escape the overwhelm and frustration that comes with figuring out this "online education business" so they can find freedom in their own lives through service to others...

Now the part you’ve been waiting for!

I took the systems, processes, and frameworks I used to grow my own businesses, and have used to help my clients 1:1 and turned it into..

You guessed it – a step-by-step framework that anyone can use to start and scale their online education business (even if they don’t yet know what they’ll teach)…

If you've read this far down the page and would like to see how this proven framework can help YOU start or scale YOUR online business, click the link below to learn about becoming one of our case studies.

In this group, I'll be taking a small handful of entrepreneurs and personally helping them implement each of the 9 steps so you can increase your revenue while decreasing the hours needed to run your business.